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Returning from a hiatus

I joined fiverr almost a year ago and ended up drifting away last summer. After months of not being able to find a job on Indeed and getting bored, I’ve decided to come back. (Also, I’ve got student loans coming up soon). So here I am, eagerly and patiently awaiting my first order.


Keep patience and try to check your compittior

You state in your profile that you’re a game designer, but you only have one gig that’s related to that. (I’m not particularly impressed with your samples, either.)

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Try to make More GIG according to game Design , Like game Character Design , try to make more GIG with Powerful Keywords. Hope You will get your Order Soon . also share your gig in Social media , and send buyer Request daily you will get job .

best Regards

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Welcome back.

You’ll notice soon that there are tens of thousands more newbies here than when you were here last.

It’s created a lot more competition and floods the Forum with the same three questions asked over and over again.

You may wish to take a longer hiatus next time…lol

You need to completely upgrade your profile and gigs, from description images, videos, PDF, requirements, everything.

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