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Returning from Vacation. How do I revive my gig sales?



I am returning from a 2 month vacation from fiverr. Since then, I have been having trouble getting orders. Usually I have orders trickling in on a regular basis, however, I haven’t gotten any since returning. I am thinking that I’ll have better luck starting over, but I’d hate to lose my accumulated reviews. Any suggestions?

Thank you,


You don’t say how long you’ve been back off vacation but I find it can take a couple of weeks before messages start coming through again. This is also a very quiet time of year. Maybe you could add a new gig or spice up your existing ones by adding features that Fiverr’s search engines like, such as videos, if you don’t already have them. i wouldn’t delete what you have if you have reviews.


I’ve been back for about 2 weeks. I’ll take your advice and spice things up.


Try editing gig a little bit, send some requests to buyers and try to contact your previous customers, see if they need any kind of help. In a week or so you’ll be back and running again. :+1: