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Returning Seller (continue or make new account)

Hello, back in 2017, i was pretty active seller here in Fiverr. But due to some matters, i have to leave Fiverr and my rank has been demoted (probably back to rank 0).

I knew in the last 2 years, there are probably more competition. But my gig didn’t get any impression right now.

Do you think it is better to make brand new account or just continuing with my account right now?

This is my profile:

Thank you.

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I don’t know about Fiverrs rules but I came back and I just got adversely judged for having been here for 4 years when In fact I have only been active here for a few months.

I think though that you will find that Fiverr take a dim view of different accounts as that leaves them open for lots of “fake” accounts.

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I think continuing account better than creating new account. If you have completed orders in previously it will definitely helpful to get new orders.

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Wow, thats good for you. I hope my account can get off the ground soon too.

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Yes, i do have completed several orders before with positive review.

I just not sure, maybe Fiverr have some policy where they give brand new account a boost for few weeks or something.

Thank you very much

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It’s against Fiverr TOS to have more than one account. You need to get permission from Fiverr to open a new account after you have deleted the old one.

Read the TOS - the link to it is at the bottom of every page … and you agreed to them when you signed up, even if you didn’t read them.