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Returning to Fiverr: One buyer request?

Hi all,

I was out of Fiverr for a few months (lost my rank because of that) and today, I got back and there is just one buyer request being listed. Is that normal? My buyer request section used to be filled with requests.


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Yes most of the times I see no buyer requests at all, then I refresh the website and 15 buyer requests appear at once. If you have gigs in more categories, I think you will be able to find more requests

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Hi @knight_design, thanks. I’ll try to keep refreshing the website. I have a lot of categories…let’s see.

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Just Keep yourself Online on fiverr platform. Invest sometime on Learning new Skills and Keep waiting for any buyer Request to be shown. Remain Online and Work consistently.

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Will do. Will keep the website open as you said.

Thank you for the tip,

@knight_design and @shopify_genius - You were right! My screen is filled with new requests now. Thank you so much!

So, the ANSWER to everyone who search for this issue is: Remain Online and Refresh your browser.