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Revenue card problem

I requested for a fiverr revenue card a few days ago and is still being processed. I urgently need to cancel the process. is there any way I can do that?

Get in touch with the customer support team :slight_smile:

thanks man :smiley: i sent them a mail stating the issue.

Great stuff, let us know if you need anymore help one of the Payoneer team who issue the revenue card is about on the forum daily too: @nissim_payoneer he’s pretty helpful to resolving issues

Reply to @ozzieuk: Thanks for posting!

i have the some problem please

some days ago i am sending fiverr revenue card request

but i am wrong entered email on fiverr requirement

please tell me any person what i do solve this problem

and the fiverr account will be show still "waiting for card issuer approval"

please tell me any suggestion