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Revenue card problem


i have not yet received fiverr revenue card/ payoneer card i have given 3 times order of fiverr payoneer debit card and gave my correct address for delivery but i have not received yet


I myself live in Pakistan and I also ordered Payoneer card 3-4 times but it never delivered to me. So I deactivated my account and made a new Payoneer account with “Sign Up With Bank Account” and now I am getting direct payments to my bank account. It’s a far better alternative than other two.


and what is your bank?


hmm i think its good idea thanks aslamgraphics


but aslamgraphics how to deactivate our payoneer account? please tell me the procedure


I am using UBL


You can contact the Payoneer customer care and they can guide you. :slight_smile:


Aslamgraphics, how much is the deduction per transaction in UBL? i have heard bank transactions are expensive…


I used to think the same. I know you won’t believe this but they deduct nothing. I get the whole amount that I make here on Fiverr.


They deduct 1-2% from the USD to X conversion rates though.
But Payoneer is way better than Paypal. :slight_smile:


They are not. When I order $50 from Fiverr to Payoneer, I get $50 in my Payoneer account and when I transfer it to UBL I get complete $50 without any deduction.


This might be different for each currency though…


Does Payoneer deduct any account maintenance fees? Their site mentions that they do that for regular Payoneer customers, but there is no mention of the fee structure for others who have opened their Payoneer bank account through Fiverr link.

This is what Withdrawal to Paypal looks like : Fiverr account balance - Fiverr withdrawal fees - 4% Paypal fees - 3% Paypal conversion rate fees. (but no annual account fees)

What does the deduction look for someone who withdraws to Payoneer account? ( what are the receiving fees per transaction, what are the currency conversion fees? are there annual account charges?)


Payoneer doesn`t take any extra charge. If I withdraw $150, I get 10000 INR in my bank account. So, that means for every 1 USD payoneer pays 66.666 INR while the current conversion rate is 67.84 INR.

So, Payoneer deducts nearly 1-2% in the conversion rate.

For more clarification -
Fees per transaction : Nothing
Currency conversion fees : 1-2%
Annual account charges : Nothing


That’s great. Thanks for the clarification.

Annual maintenance fees for Payoneer debit card = ?


Don`t know.
I uses direct bank transfer. (That is perhaps the only option available in India due to the RBI regulation)


Okay. I’ll ask Payoneer CS and see what they say. But your solution seems perfect already. There’s no use of an additional card anyway, might as well withdraw to the bank.

I was looking for a convenient alternative for all my online activity since Paypal fees are horrendous. I found an Indian payments processor, it’s basically like Payoneer, apparently they will give you the equivalent of a US bank account (exactly like Payoneer does), which can be linked to sites which have direct bank transfer. They don’t charge conversion fees, but they charge withdrawal fees of 25$ per withdrawal (regardless of the amount of transaction). So, if someone is in the habit of pooling a large sum and withdrawing it all at once, this can be beneficial. 25$ is 2% of 2500$ so every withdrawal over that amount is a saving. Imagine how much we lose every month to just conversion fees.