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"revenue for order completion" on gigs older than 1 month

Hello, I have a really big point of confusion. I understood that orders that are completed take to about 14 days for the funds to clear. I have orders that are older than a month and are still marked as “revenue for order completion” and in the same time newer ones have the “funds cleared”. How can I get my money from them? I contacted fiverr supoort and asked them about it but they only said that they will look into the problem but I haven’t got any other answer since. I don’t know any other procedure, has anybody else encountered this problem before?

Funds for some orders took a few days longer to clear (usually if there were modifications or gig extras involved), but never as long as a month.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that anyone but Customer Support can help you. :frowning: I wish you the best of luck!