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Revenue Help ! Payment Method

My Payoneer Account blocked without notification,and i dont know why blocked … Account Blocked! Please contact customer support, i opened ticket 4 days ago,Thread posted on their community forum , Message sent via facebook … but there is no response from their support & I’m sorry to hear! Hopefully, once you reach out to Payoneer, they can resolve this for you soon so that you can withdraw any earnings. Unfortunately, there’s nothing from my end that can be done. Like I mentioned, Fiverr’s Payoneer information is entirely powered and handled by Payoneer.
I wish you the best of luck on this!.

All your money gone? :dollar:

Log OUT and log IN, to update your FORUM profile picture.

NO ! i did not withdrawn my earning …

Good then. Then see if you can sign up bank account for withdrawal, until they resolve this issue for you. (If this is an emergency)

I dont have Local bank account.

Response i received from payoneer :cry:
Fiverr & payoneer both supports failed to corporate with me…

So are they saying that they cannot give you the funds already in your Payoneer account?
Someone please correct me, if I have misunderstood it.

The notice seems to imply in a very carefully worded ‘LEGAL’ terms that the account in question has violated Payoneer TOS and as such the remaining balance will NOT be disbursed…

I am quite APPALLED by this actually…! :astonished:

This is scary.
I have recently thought of using Payoneer but experiences from other users are really horrifying.
Even their Facebook pages are full of people complaining about Payoneer blocking their accounts and not revealing the reason.

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I used payoneer for couple of years , i dont know why they blocked my account. i did nothing against TOS of PAyoneer…
one of my friend facing same problem as well.

Payoneer is boring! They don’t respond to the support emails, I had tried too.
They are living a ThugLife :sunglasses: with peoples money without giving them support.

They spends money to their Brand Ambassadors, Country Promoters but not for hiring some peoples for their Support Team.

Keep mailing and try reaching them.

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