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Revenue locked


I was new to fiverr.I am now unable to tranfer anyfunds to my paypal.I have never withdrawn before.I have around 90$ in my fiverr,and I seem this is for me… all the hard work in vain.The problem arose on apr 18 when I had two accounts in my paypal linked to my gmail.When I had linked the first account I did not get any withdrawal confirmation from fiverr.Then only I had realised that my gmail account was suspended and no longer able to recieve any mails.when I tey to link my second paypal It is not accepting.I had contacted sfaff 6 days ago and still no response.I think I am locked.Please guys suggest something!!


The only person who can help you in this is Customer Support. Maybe you should wait a few more days.

Recently Customer Support are not replying to most seller except if you are a TRS.


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