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Revenue month by month

I think it would be a good idea to show revenue month on month. Currently i can see the total i have made and how much i have made this month. I would like to see how much i have made month by month as the monthly figure resets on the 1st. Currently I’m having to keep my own records of this but would like this built into the site if possible.

This would be good for people growing their business.


Yes - historic records would be lovely :slight_smile:

Absolutely agreed.

Glad you think the same :slight_smile:

Hopefully Fiverr will take note

me too!

Fiverr has amended their revenue section so you can filter cleared funds month by month. It does not give you a total but at least you can get a better view of your revenue now.

I love that idea too. It would be nice to see automatically how much my income decreases or increases each month.

Yes a detailed analytics would definately help us to optimize and structurize our workflow. Right now I see fiverr is adding a bunch of unneccesary changes, and the things that really mater to the sellers are not adressed…

@stuart182 filtering the revenue for a month doesn’t give me any real insight as this is just a big list of completed orders and $4, $8 $12 revenues, which can’t be called any analytics, statistics or whatsoever :confused:

Hi, I had a very small doubt. Do you guys keep a track of your revenues nd funds cleared manually also? Like apart from Fiverr Revenue page, just to cross check, and has there been any mismatch which needed CS support, in that I will also manually keep a record woth me.

You can download a CSV for a specific month into Excel and then total it there. It’s an extra step, but it will give you an easy way to do it until Fiverr improves the revenue page.

I do it myself so that I can collect it for tax time next year. :smiley:

I was just looking over the revenue page and I agree. Fiverr needs to implement a TOTAL for the month that the seller can access for every month in the past. That way the total for each month can be added up, and also to keep track of how much improvement the talent is having month to month going forward. Fiverr Team, lets get on this feature!