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Revenue outside of Fiverr?

Do you guys have other sources of revenue, or is Fiverr your main income source? What do you do in the down periods? (Low clicks, low orders etc)

I’m just curious because I don’t have enough experience or a big enough following yet for a website to be of much use to me.

This is mainly aimed at those who do illustrations and similar things, but other responses are welcome as well :grin:

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I am not an illustrator, but as a freelance writer I have three published books and I have my own website for writing services also. Fiverr is only a portion of my income. I do not put all my eggs on one basket.


Thank you for your input! While it’s not illustration, it’s valuable all the same

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I am a full-time freelancer.

I write web content (blogs/articles).

Fiverr is just one of my sources of income.

It currently brings me about 30% of my income.

I rarely have down-time as I have a few contracts in place (non-Fiverr, before I joined Fiverr) that bring me the majority of my work.

I also have regular clients both on and off Fiverr who have found me either through my website, GMB Page or Fiverr.

I would NEVER rely on just one source for freelance work.


What is GMB? Do you ever worry about having too many contracts to juggle at once? That’s a lot of writing to do :hushed:

I have a profile on another freelance platform, as well as many clients through previous work contacts, collaborations, etc. On average I would say that Fiverr is about 40% of my income.

I try not to worry too much in slow periods, in fact I often celebrate them by keeping busy. I head out on hikes, do some photography, etc. In that way I am happy whether I have work or not, as I enjoy the quiet times as well as busy times.


Do you know of any good websites for freelance proofreaders to sell their services on? I am new to Fiverr and have a full time job, but would like to generate more income through freelancing.

GMB = Google My Business.