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Revenue Page Messed Up


My revenue page is completely messed up. It says that I have $0 upcoming payments, which is wrong. Can someone please look into this? I emailed support but didn’t get an answer.


I’m also facing this same problem from today :frowning:


I had a similar issue last week. I never got the initial reply, but I did get a 'feedback on support' email a few days later - it included the text that they apparently replied with in the first place. I don't know what kind of glitch that was, but keep your eyes open for a feedback email.

amybrantley said: I emailed support but didn't get an answer.


Got an email from them and sent a screenshot per their request. They are looking into it, but told me that the upcoming payments were still being tracked and that there was nothing to worry about. Should be fixed soon. Yay :slight_smile: I love Fiverr :slight_smile: I hope others experiencing this problem get theirs fixed as well.


My pages are all messed up today, different numbers that don’t add up, it’s weird but it worked fine yesterday. My plan is to wait and see if it’s fixed tomorrow before bothering the busy support people :slight_smile: