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Revenue Payment needs to be rethought


For almost two weeks now, I’ve been trying to withdraw my cleared revenue to my paypal, and the e-mail I’m supposed to be getting keeps disappearing into the abyss. When I contacted support about it, their solution was for me to change the e-mail for my paypal. Not only is this an extremely complicated thing to do in and of itself–both changing the paypal email and then updating my fiverr account to reflect that–it’s a potentially disastrous arrangement for me. Believe it or not, Fiverr isn’t my only endeavor tied to my paypal, and changing my paypal would require me to go through the dozens of other venues and individuals I sell to to make sure they have the correct information, even then I would have no guarantee that these venues and individuals would remember/receive/correctly apply the update, leading to potentially unending headaches and loss of revenue. The problem isn’t that I have hotmail… the problem is that the way we collect our earnings can be so easily disrupted. No other service that I sell through requires such a convoluted method to collect my earnings, and I think Fiverr needs to adjust the way we’re paid. There is no reason why the earnings can’t be sent directly to my paypal when I click the withdraw button, or the funds couldn’t be sent automatically on a certain date… The extra step fiverr requires is preventing me from collecting my much-needed income–something I CANNOT afford right now.


Reply to @kjblynx: Yet another UNRELATED link to a post of yours that you are adding to someone else’s post. In your self-appointed moderator role, you could at least take the time to read posts thoroughly before directing others to thoroughly read unrelated links or leaving messages such as “this was already discussed in a previous thread”.

Sorry but this is annoying and unhelpful.


Reply to @cheezees: I enjoyed the exclamation point. On-Topic-Disclaimer: You and I both would benefit if fiverr offered Google Wallet at-least as an OPTION. Preferably as standard.


Reply to @kjblynx: While your post does offer a work-around (for which I am grateful, and switching to the old site did mysteriously work), the issue is that we would need a work around in the first place. It’s an unnecessary step that leads to unnecessary problems, and I have to say that even with my experience with online security measures, I cannot fathom how it makes our income safer.