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Revenue problem


Yesterday it said I earned 300$ for this month and the next day it stood like I’ve earned 260$.

I’ve counted my earnings without the fiverr percentage and they stand for 300$.

I don’t understand what happened? Has anybody had these revenue problems?

So far I’ve written to a fiverr team support in hope they could help me and sent few snapshots…


It’s important since this is my only income, trying to live out of my art is not an easy path.


Some numbers on the Revenue page are often incorrect (earned and withdrawals), but all your earned money is where it should be, and once it clears, you can normally withdraw it.

Check your “pending clearance”, “available funds” and “upcoming earnings” (upcoming earnings and pending clearance sometimes take a few hours to update correctly). If they all add up to what they should, you’re fine.


Go to cancel may be any order cancel by Fiverr CS.