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Revenue withdrawal failed [RESOLVED]

Did you ever got a message that the withdrawal failed? I tried to withdraw my revenues today and I can’t do it. I don’t know why. Still waiting for the CS to respond.


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Me too. Fiverr said :Withdraw your revenues $0 Available.

Although I have fund available withdrawal on march 26th.

Is this some glitch ?

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This is the first time this happened to me. The CS are not answering and I still get this message. Just one question OBG: I got the fiver revenue card and i didn’t activate it, can i still withdraw the earnings on paypal if I activate (or not activate) the card.

Does it have something to do with the card. I hope you understand.

Try to contact the customer support. I sent them a message but they are not responding. I don’t know why…:S

After you got answer from CS, let me know what they said. And then I will follow you to contact Cs

No Dear Fiverr Revenue Card is separate I guess so. This bug has some other reason, I got the same error but the funds were transferred…

I had a problem with paypal. The customer support told me to contact them and they sent me this message:

“I have reviewed your account and can see that a technical issue occurred on your account which disabled your monthly automatic withdrawals. This also caused your account to be unable to receive payments. I have rectified this issue for you today. You should now be able to receive your funds from”

please i tried to withdraw my revenue but it giving me failed, what is the problem and solution please