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Revenue Withdrawal Problem

I want to add Fiverr as Funding Source to my Payoneer account. I go through the whole process from Fiverr for “Bank Transfer” .
When I clicked on Get Started Button it shows this windows "It looks you have already submitted your Payoneer application, Contact Customer Support. But indeed I did not apply for that. I contacted Fiverr Customer Support they suggest me to contact Payoneer Customer Support because only they can resolved it. I contacted many times to Payoneer Customer Support but they always sent auto reply which was merely about the method of link funding source. How can I tell them that I know the method? I have been struggling to resolve this for 1 month but all in vein.
It is to informed you that I have previously attached that Fiverr account to another Payoneer account and removed later on as funding source with the help of customer support due to some issue. Now I want to Add that account to my new Payoneer account. Kindly help.
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I don’t know if my reply will be considered as spam, but…

I’ve noticed many people have problems with Fiverr - Payoneer system these days. I see a new thread almost every day. To those who are able to - use Paypal, I recommend it because I never had any problems with it and I’ve never seen topics about people having problems with Paypal. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for suggestion. PayPal is not functional in Pakistan