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Revenues disappeared?

My account is new, and I haven’t done any withdrawals yet. Last night, I clicked on “Fiverr Revenue Card” to set up a new account, and a message came up to check my e-mail. I received nothing in my e-mail about this (I checked spam, too), and received nothing. However, my revenues are now gone from my account. I am seeing the “Withdrawal Initiated” and “Withdrawal Completed Successfully” on my status, but I have no idea where that money is? I didn’t even get an e-mail about the withdrawals being done… I’m getting really worried that I just lost over $100. If anyone can provide me with any insight, I’d really appreciate it!

The only thing you can do right now is contact customer support. Tell them you never received the confirmation email. They should be able to help you. Usually you have to click on the email in order for it to process, so this is def. a bit strange. At least this is how it works with Paypal withdraws. I hope you can get this worked out it might be just a technical bug in your account.

@nywriter0422 Any update? Posts like this get me so scared. I read yesterday that someone was having trouble withdrawing $8K! I think Fiverr has been having issues with their revenue function. I would be so pissed if I worked hard and lost my money!

Reply to @annai80: It works the same with Payoneer, you have to click on a button in your email.

I want to withdraw my revenue by paypal. I clicked paypal and read my email. clicked the email to link back to fiverr. I inputed my paypal email and my user ID as required. The problem is that the CONFIGURE YOUR PAYPAL page is not working to complete the configuration. I do not know what else to do. How to continue working when am not sure of getting the earning. please help

Same happened to me once, but it just took longer than normally to receive the confirmation mail. So give it a hour or two if it happens again.

@nywriter0422 I am facing the same issue. I contacted Fiverr CS but they say you should contact Payoneer CS. Please note that my Payoneer account has been set up but i am waiting for the card. Kindly tell me what did you do or how it resolved. Thanks

This topic is from 2015, and the person who posted it haven’t been selling on Fiverr (or showed up on the forum) since 2015.

@catwriter Thanks. I think i should wait for my Payoneer card. It hasn’t been shipped yet, Though my revenues has been disappeared. It says Withdrawal Initiated Successfully. But i didn’t receive any mail neither from fiverr (Confirmation mail) nor Payoneer. Thanks