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Revenues Lost

I have had a list of pending revenues cleared in the past week but only half of it shows up in my account. I have contacted customer support and it has been 3 days with yet any response from them. I figured that this is a bug rather than a delay given the week time frame that has passed with half of my money missing. What is fiverr doing seriously? Nothing but bugs and poor customer support. Either they are withholding the money in some manner or my money has been lost into the void.

Sorry about that–I stole it. And you can’t have it back!

a while back I went through my funds and found that there’s $28 missing from my account. I contacted fiverr support and the only explanation I received was what the different sections of the revenue page means… Pending clearance means this and upcoming earnings means that. as if I’m stupid!! I wrote them back and they repeated the same thing. -_-
Send a solid prove like a screenshot of orders or something. They take time to reply, so be patient. Good luck.