Revenues problem


Hi I am having problems with the revenues since some days ago. I am trying to contact the customer support but they dont answer… So i want to know if anyone have the same problem like me.

I have at this moment like 23 orders with extras purchased.

And my Upcoming Payments is 0$ when this have be like 172$

Also yesterday in the night i had a amount of money in my Awaiting Clearance and today when i check the revenues I have less money!!

I didn’t withdraw nothing, I didn’t cancel orders.

I dont understand what are happing but I want to know if someone have the same problem.

This is a bug in my account?

I asked to my husband if he have the same problem and yes he have something similar.

Excuse me please if my english is bad! isn’t my native language.

Greetings :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answer! The CS dont answer me yet but I Hope it will fix soon.

Because the revenues that i have at this moment is really crazy and wrong.


Buyers continue ordering my gig and the revenues dont change.

the Upcoming Payments continue to be less than it really is…

and the CS dont answer me yet.

:(( I am desesperate