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Revenues showing "Funds Pending Clearance". How to withrdraw funds?

Hello folks!

I’m new on fiver and just got marked my first order as ‘complete’. But I don’t know how to withdraw funds via paypal. Are there any conditions or minimum limit to withraw funds? Also, ‘Revenues’ section is showing “Funds Pending Clearance”. what does that mean. Kindly brief up the whole fund clearance process.

@kjblynx Thanks bud! :slight_smile:

also, I want to know where is the paypal withdrwal option available? I could not find it. And, what if I withdraw funds [ when I’l have atleast 50$, as u suggested] via ‘local bank transfer’ ? is it a safe and feasible option in comparison to paypal?

If I want to withdraw via Payoneer than what you suggest how much amount I withdraw.

Hello kjblynx, My fund clearance date showing 2-May while my Payoneer card will approximately be delivered from 9 to 18 May to me , what should i do then? either to create Fiverr Revenue card or wait for Payoneer, need your early guidance please

Can I not withdraw the funds directly to my Bank Account?

i have received payoneer MasterCard in july 2015 , now i want to transfer my funds to payoneer , they will charge me for current year fee or for previous year as well ??