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Revenues withdrawal button disabled

My funds withdrawal option is blocked. The issue was going on with a buyer regarding order, I cleared my position and even opened a ticket against the buyer who keeps blackmailing me to get more work. The order was auto completed about 40 days ago. i have been doing extra work for the buyer ever since and if I don’t respond for a day, buyer starts opening tickets against me. I have contacted support times and again but they ask me to try and satisfy the buyer. Now I have tried to withdraw my funds that are from many other orders I have completed but I have realized that this option has been disabled for me. I contacted support and they are telling me to contact all my recent buyers and ask them if they are satisfied. Besides they have asked me to contact after 7 days but it won’t gaurentee my withdrawal option being re-enabled. There is a lot of funds that are at stake for me and I have worked so hard to reach level 2. Did anyone else around have similar experience and how did you manage to resolve it?