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Reversing a Thumbs down


I have a buyer who says she must have accidentally hit the thumbs down button. Is there a way she can reverse it?

I have some gigs I purchased months ago and it doesn’t appear that I can change my ratings … but it seems to me I read somewhere that it could be done.

Can anyone help? I am in a state of total despair over this undeserved thumbs-down.



She can remove the feedback within 3 days I believe.

Anything after that then you are going to get in touch with customer support.


Thanks for your help ryangillam, it has been less than 3 days but apparently she couldn’t find a way to reverse it. So I have put in an appeal with the “human” help.

Does anyone know how long this will take?


Hey Melrock

Please direct your buyer to view this video:


Thanks ozzieuk

This is very useful!!