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Reverting a business account back to a normal account

I made the decision to switch my account to business thinking it would improve my experience with Fiverr and joined Fiverr since it’s launch (with a previous account). I was a V.I.D. buyer before making the switch.

Since switching not only do I have to add a credit card but I also am not able to use Paypal as a payment.
Previous V.I.D. status is gone (not that I care too much but at least some benefits from it regarding support and whatnot), I see no advantages to this account and only downsides so far.

So I would like to know how I can switch back to a normal account and have “normality” back in my life as a fiverr user. Has anyone done this before? Am I the only one with this experience who is disappointed? I have contacted the support but curious about your answers.


I just had a buyer of mine revert back to their “regular” account from a Fiverr business one, all on their own.

So I do know it’s possible, I am not sure where said switch is though.

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Go to business administration setting and click Close business account.

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