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Review 487 in recreate GIG by Chris_ld


I got 487 reviews in my GIG. I am very happy But the problem is that I didn’t receive orders daily. I know my last delivery time is 20 minutes ago its revision but this order I got before. You can also see my second last review
Give anyone suggestion
Here my GIG or

Thanks for your time


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Unfortunately, no one on this forum can help you “get orders daily”. Your success is entirely dependent upon your actions. Are you doing any marketing? Are you actively working to connect with your target customers? What kind of promotional efforts are your pursuing? How about Buyer Requests?

There is no schedule to sales, and no guarantee that sellers will have daily orders. If you aren’t gaining the kind of success you want, then, perhaps now is a good time to try something else. Experiment with other strategies and marketing efforts until you find something that works for you.


Yes, I do marketing. I active all time and also send buyer request

What kind of non-social media marketing are you pursuing?


@jonbaas I share my gig on social media like twitter etc…


I asked you:

Your answer was not appropriate to my question. Posting your links on social media, where only your friends and family will see them, is NOT marketing. Your friends and family are not your target customers. That’s why I asked you what non-social media marketing efforts you are pursuing. I cannot help you if you aren’t willing to answer the questions that I ask.



Looking for expert response

hello Jonbaas
i like your contribution to this post so far, I’m also guilty of the subjection question you raised above about Non social media marketing. Please can you make suggestions for me, i will really appreciate a positive reply. thanks


@chris_ld No one can generate traffic to your gig unless you do marketing. Though you have 487 orders, you have only 42 gig saves. Which means even your clients haven’t saved your gig so that they can come back and re order your service. So my advice is that you need to be more attractive in your delivery (not the work but the message you are giving). Marketing is something comes with experience. So browse in the field because we can’t feed everything in forums like this

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@edukas Thanks for your advise

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Thank you All!!!