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Review and critique my gig?

Hey, everyone!

I just recently posted a new gig. I’d really appreciate your feedback, guidance, and thoughts on the offering.

Here’s a link, for ease of access!


Hey Greg,

Your opening paragraph instills confidence. It makes you sound interesting. From there, though, things get a little confusing, mainly due to the shifting pronouns. You go from I, to we, back to I. Kind made me think to myself who exactly is behind this profile?

Other than that, there’s some good stuff in your gig. I like the part where you talk about your process. It’s reassuring as a buyer to know what’s going to happen after the order is placed.

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Hey, @ahmwritingco!

I really appreciate your thoughtful response. Thank you.

Your note, about the shifting pronouns, is actionable and helpful. Thanks for pointing that out. Heading over to fix that right now!

I appreciate your kind words. It makes me feel confident going into a new service offering.

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