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Review and tell if any problem in my Gig

I have not find any order its been 3 months. I am so upset for this. Plz review my Gig and tell if any problem in my Gig.

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I don’t see any active gigs on your profile. Can you provide a link?

It shows a link in the forum profle. I think the problem is the Fiverr username has 2 underlines at the end and the forum isn’t showing that (and there’s a different Fiverr account without those 2 underlines).

I think your gigs are paused and you are not aware of it. I can’t see any gig.
See Below :point_down:
Here is my link

What the solution of it

No solution. Your forum name is missing the _
I, and the other who tried to look, were looking at an account with the same name, but no _

As for your gig, you’re competing with 5,249 other services available.

Is there a problem in my Gig that the order does not come?

The problem is that there are over 5000 other gigs offering the same service and competing for attention. The solution is figuring out how to make yourself stand out from those five-thousand other gigs.

Or you could try to make a gig that offers something else. Your profile says you have a degree in Computer Science. What other services can you offer?

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Thanks for helping me

Check if you have any Paused gigs

No I have no pause gigs

Then I don’t know why your gigs are not visible. You can try creating new gigs.