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Review before ordering

Hey guys. Maybe this is possible but if not it should be! I have in my gig that I would like users to contact me before placing an order to make sure it fits within my gig guidelines. This isn’t always the case. I had someone place an order of something that was a little past my skill level. I attempted it anyways and wasn’t happy with how the quality came out so I asked the buyer to cancel, and they did but now I have my first cancelled order on my gig. There should be a way for me to actually “review” the persons order before accepting it, rather than the timer starting right away. I hope this makes sense.


I totally agree with you on this.

I hope someday soon Fiverr allows sellers to accept or decline an order before it starts counting.

Until then, there’s not much you can do, maybe highlight or write in BOLD for emphasis sake, the part of your gig guidelines that requires buyers to contact you before placing an order.

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AGREED!! I would like to be able to Accept or Decline orders. I think this would help lower the cancellation rate some. If Fiverr comes out with this option they better not use this against us Sellers such as “Oh if you click Decline, we lower your deliver rate” or something like that.