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Review change - Seller Level Downgrade


Hi Fiverr members.

This is my first topic and i wanted to discuss about an issue that another seller had with the review change and get you feedback.
The story is this:
A customer left a negative review for his order even it was done everything he asked but at the end he accepted the order.
Some days later he come back and asked for a review of the same order.
He was told that the order is accepted by him and if he wanted to get new updates he should change the review.
This was reported to Fiverr team from the customer and fiverr team downgraded the seller from level 2 to level one as this is against Fiverr feedback system rules.

What do you think is this really e rule as i am not aware?


Review manipulation - plain and simple. Please read the ToS which you can find here:

so your friend knows how to avoid anything like this in the future.


Wow! Just Wow! :open_mouth: I can not believe any seller would think this is ok!


I guess my question is, why are you being so helpful “for another seller”? We’ve seen this sort of thing before from sellers who have more than one account. Is this other seller that you are so selflessly supportive of, actually YOU?

It is against the rules for anyone on Fiverr to have more than one account.


Fiverr team can controll if i have another account there is no problem.
He is my friend and he helped me to start working on fiverr.
I was asking also for myself so I don’t do the same thing if it happen to me.


Don’t do the same thing bro. it can get you banned permanently!


Yes happened to me recently. Sometimes you just have to take an L - not worth losing your account for one measly review.


There IS a problem. Users are not allowed to have more than one active account.

If this is such an issue, why isn’t “your friend” the person asking for help?

I think YOU got downgraded on your other account, and you know it’s against the rules to have more than one account, so you’re using this account to ask for help (while posing as “a friend” of someone who broke the rules) – in the hopes that you don’t get caught for breaking the rules a second time. :wink:


Sorry to see that you got demoted!


@almirbici You need to find better, smarter more honest friends.


I don’t think i am smarter than fiverr support team.
My friend is in usa and i am in europe and fiverr can surely check if we are or not the same person.
Anyway thanks to everyone for the answers.