Review correction


Hey guys need help with something. A buyer had directly placed the order and due to some complications the order couldnt be delivered on time. When the buyer cancelled the order (after the deadline of gig), it automatically gave me a 1 star review. The buyer says he isnt responsible and that fiverr did it automatically. The buyer has no problem with removing that negative review. How do I go about it to correct. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



Yes that’s not a review your buyer placed. It’s an automatic cancellation protecting buyers.

In order for that to happen, you missed your deadline for a full 24 hours, never communicated with your buyer, then left the order without actually delivering for yet another 24 hours.

At which point the system cancelled the order and automatically refunded the buyer, leaving you with a 1-star review.

Was there anything you could do? Why yes. At least a dozen different things. Mostly communicating with your buyer, and not missing original deadline.

Is there anything you can do now? No. Not a thing.