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Review count in search has changed and languages gone

I have a gig with more than 200 reviews. When I saw my gig (and others) in search it said “100+” instead of the actual number. What’s up with that? I realize Fiverr tests new things often, but I can’t see any reason why this would be a good change. My reviews in search went from 233 to “100+”. If it actually showed the correct 100s I wouldn’t care, but now it looks like I have 100-ish, not 200-ish.

Anyone else find this a bit strange?

Another thing that actually has a negative impact on many sellers is the fact that they removed almost all the languages from the language selector for VOs. Now, if you’re not lucky enough to do voice-overs in a language that Fiverr think is “worthy” of a spot on the menu, people have to search manually to find it. I’m sure many buyers who looked in the language menu for VOs thought “Oh, they don’t have Norwegian VOs, I’ll move on” instead of making a order. My sales have dropped considerably since this change happened.


Yes, indeed. I think that number should reflect the exact number of reviews you have (not 100+, not 1000+, but the actual number 3134 and so on).