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Review exchange in legal way

I am a designer and a few months ago a client orders me from France. He was a developer. The Project was completed at that time. A few days ago I need a developer for my personal work. Then I contact him and create an order.

-------------- Due to Fiverr TOS, Exchange of reviews/orders is strictly not allowed.----------------------------
I want to know,
==Is my profile at risk now?
Note: Still he is ordering me for his design works.

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I also need to know the same thing . If someone experienced give the answer .

Did you get a warning?

There is no legal way for a review exchange, but what you describe is not a review exchange.

A review exchange is when the purpose of the whole transaction is to gain reviews. If you work for someone who actually needs some work done by you and later you need something done and remember that they do it and you order it from them, that’s just business.


no, I didn’t get any warning

Thank you for your opinion

I 100% agree with @miiila