Review Feedback


Today i got a 4.7 Rating on my GIG, its of course not a bad rating but i am trying to keep 5 star rating so i contacting the buyer and he is willing to change the feedback, now my questions is**Should i go for feedback review…?**

because It says GIG can be affected in listings and further requests…

Thanks in advance.


You run the risk of your buyer leaving fewer stars than they did originally if you give them the option of changing your feedback. :wink:


That buyer possibly meant to leave you 5 stars but since he did it on the app it only put 4.7.

Message the buyer and ask this way:

Did you intend to leave me 4.7 stars? There is a bug on the app that puts 4.7 when someone tries to leave 5 stars so that’s why I’m asking.

See what they say. If they say they meant to leave 5 stars take a screenshot of that and send it to customer support. Tell them it is due to the bug in the app when someone leaves a review.
I wish they would fix this.


wow that’s scary :scream:


@misscrystal probably gave you the best way of doing it! Good luck! :slight_smile:


Earlier he was willing to change the feedback, but i think that’s better to confirm from him and contact CS… will do it now… Thanks


you can choose " resolve now" then send a request to change feedback to your customer then they can edit their feedback :slight_smile:
I was like you before and CS tell me to do that :slight_smile: