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Review for a review needs to be removed

Why do I need to submit a review for a client before I can see their review about me? It makes absolutely no sense. Why do I have to blindly review someone before I can see my own review? I can’t fully judge my experience of having worked with someone without knowing how they feel about having worked with me. Why would I give a good rating to someone without knowing what their review of me is? If I give them a good rating and they give me a bad one it tanks my overall rating while theirs stays in tact. Future sellers won’t be able to know that they’re hard to deal with or not. As most people just drop a 5 star rating to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. Along with that, why can’t I edit a review that I’ve already made? What if I give a client a low review, but want to change it to a higher one or even the opposite? You’d think that a site with as much traffic as this one would have a better review system in place to accommodate such instances.


Everything you are talking about is basically a review manipulation.

Why do you need to see someone’s review to be able to say if that buyer was difficult to work with or not? Or if they will leave you a good review you will just rate them 5 stars also even though they were super painful to work with?

It was done to keep reviews fair and people writing their real experiences and to avoid “revenge reviews” etc


Sellers don’t get to choose buyers or see their profile before an order is placed.

You can still reply to the reviews on your gig page, so your buyers will have a chance to understand the whole story. I hope that helps!

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I get that manipulation plays a part in all of this, but at the end of it all it’s completely stupid. I’m not saying reviews should stay open forever. You should be able to change a review within a period of the initial order/gig. With that, you should also not need to put in a review before you can see your buyer’s review. If I get a bad review I’m fine with that, but I’d at least like to know if I got a good or bad review before I give my own of the person that I worked with.

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Yes, I know that. Still, I’d just like to have the ability to correct a review, and to see my buyer’s review without having to submit a review of my own first.

And that exactly my point. What would it change? If the buyer was a nightmare to work with but gave you 5 stars you will also give them 5 stars even though you thought that they were a nightmare to work with?

Fiverr did it so you will base your review solely on your experience but not a perception after you see the review from buyer.

I like that we can not do it nowadays. I see you are new here and didn’t read the forum but the amount of blackmailing that was happening from both sides before blind reviews were enormous. And it’s still happening a lot even with blind reviews and with no ability changing reviews. But at least now it’s happening way less.


I disagree. It makes perfect sense. Your review should be about how you feel the experience was. Your review is nothing to do with how the other person thought, or about you trying to mirror their review / grading of you. The two are separate. Imagine if we were all able to peer review - we’d end up with a completely anodyne, meaningless set of words and stats that no one would be able to benefit from.


I don’t need to see the review the customer left to rate them. It does makes sense. Maybe you want to know how they felt working with you beforehand because there are buyers who are not vocal about their discomfort, but that won’t change how you felt working with them. I’ve had a buyer who didn’t left a public review and he was not satisfied, but I felt like the experience of working with him was fantastic. And a negative review wouldn’t have changed my perception. I left a 3 star rating to a customer once and even if he was satisfied with my work and left a 5 star rating (he wasn’t, he left 3.7 stars) I won’t be automatically satisfied to work with them because he was a PITA.

And yes, negative reviews also affect a buyer reputation. I’ve been able to see the reviews left in a buyer profile right after they messaged me.

I also have the perception you’re new around here.

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it is a good Metter for seller. seller not get this facility first.

And I’d like to rate and review a buyer, even if they do not rate me. But alas!