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Review from a buyer: "not god sorry...."


This guy makes a $30 order, this where his instructions:

My google account, will be linked to a campaign about the tarot and estoterism. I hope you tell me what you need.
Thank you”

Three times I responded his initial message:

“Thanks for your order. I need the link to see what you’re selling. If it’s more than one product, include one link per ad. This order has six ads.”

No response.

“Look, I already told you what I need. When will you get back to me? I need the link of whatever you’re selling.”

“Besides, if you buy 6 ads, you should tell me what you will sell with each one, what to focus on, etc.”

He writes back “I’m going to revise.”

I don’t know why he didn’t just click “resolution center.” At that point I didn’t know what he meant, I knew this order was due so I decided to deliver it.

Yes, I wrote six ads about the tarot. What else can I do? Fiverr punishes us for refunding, so what choice do I have?

Then he gave me a 1 star review, “not god sorry…”

See what Fiverr’s new rules are doing to us? Now we’re dammed if we refund, dammed if we deliver.
My completion rate is at 92%, which is safe. But my overall review rate is at 4.7. That’s not safe, and it’s certainly not right to punish sellers for buyers’ mistakes.

All kinds of people order on Fiverr, and some are completely clueless!

Mr. Not God Sorry didn’t even demand a revision!


Well, if we’re going to get negative feedback for not being God, I guess we’re all scuppered.


Speak for yourself.

It does seem all a bit nuts from that buyer.


Yep, and when you get buyers like this but are able to catch them at the message phase and try to turn them away, they report you to CS.

Regarding your 4.7 problem. I am not sure if this is legal but I have a suspicion that if you pause or delete any gigs with particularly low ratings, you might see your rating move up a notch due to reviews on those gigs not being counted against your total.

I have absolutely no proof of this, it is just a hunch. Also, you should only try this if you plan on deleting or pausing a gig anyway, as pausing and unpausing just around review day would be tantamount to manipulating the review system.

Don’t ask me why I have this hunch. I can’t really explain. I would try it myself but I don’t have any gigs with poor reviews on which I can get rid of. I will be having a clearout soon myself, but only on gigs which don’t sell anyway.


I hate to admit, but this level demotion made me question a refund today. Before when a buyer made a mistake or changed his/her mind I simply refunded and moved on, but now that it might get me demoted I’m not sure about it anymore.

  • User asked me if I can revamp their site
  • I did the basic analysis and said I won’t be able to get to it before Jan, so they might wish to find someone else
  • I went to bed
  • When I woke up in the morning there was a new order for $600 from him
  • I said thank you and asked a bit more time to get it done (he agreed with the extension)
  • Later today he said that he needs to rethink it and wants a refund. How come you didn’t think about it before you paid $600, especially when I said that I’m overbooked?

He seems to be a nice buyer, polite and everything, but he has no clue what he has done.
Usually I would give the money back because I’m not confident working with this client anymore, but with these demotions, I’m not sure. I haven’t accepted nor declined his cancellation yet, I’ll need to think about it.
I don’t care about the money nor ranking in search, but I do care about my level.

EDIT: I decided to cancel it after all. If a client orders one day and wishes to cancel on the next, then I’m afraid there might be other problems like that later. Right now at least I didn’t lose my time nor money that I would have invested in licenses.


It’s 100% legal to delete a gig. You can delete a gig for any reason, bad reviews, low sales, don’t want to do it anymore, etc.

However, bad reviews stay. When you visit Fiverr dot com /whoever, and scroll down, you will see every review the seller has ever gotten.

Since my google gig has made me over $1,000, has 49 positive reviews and only 2 negatives, I have no reason to delete it.


Are you listening Fiverr?

Go to “My Gigs,” click on your gig, and use this feature:

Using this feature allows you to control the number of orders you can receive. Once the limit you set is reached, your Gig will temporarily be removed from Fiverr’s search.
Disabling this feature returns your Gig to Fiverr’s search (approximately 15 minutes later).

I don’t use it, because I’m never overbooked.


That’s horrible and one of the main problems. I suspect your buyer didn’t even understand what you were asking him. I know many of mine have no idea what I’m saying so they remain silent when I ask something.


It was surprising, he wrote to me in Spanish, I answered in Spanish. Most of my clients either write too much or too little, but they all tell me what they want and give me a minimum of information.

Like today I was hired to write a flyer, my client gave me two flyers and tell me she wanted me to combine that information. Or someone wrote a book about attracting women and he wants book titles, I can work with that.

Do you think I should have reported that client to CS? I just don’t want to deal with CS unless I have to.


I would try contacting them and telling this the situation as you did here since you have nothing to lose.

I have some similar intolerable situations right now too.

You did not get the info you needed so it’s not fair at all.


I could have still done the job, but the issue is that they order one day and want to cancel the next.

I don’t limit my orders because even when I’m booked for the month I still take orders for the upcoming months. For example, right now I have one order to be delivered by 17th of Jan and I won’t get to it in December. In this case I could have easily done the job within the timeframe we agreed.

Fiverr should really consider taking mutual cancellations out of the equation.


I’ve had this happen to me before - the buyer orders but doesn’t fully say what they want, and the timer is ticking! Most buyers aren’t aware of how the Fiverr system works and how your account is penalized for not delivering within the timer. In the past I’ve simply sent an empty file in the delivery to stop the timer, and then asking for their instructions while explaining why I had done so. Sometimes the 3 days would pass and still I would not hear back and I would get payed for doing no work… But of course I would message the buyer of what happened and that I will still see their job through to the end. Its resolved every situation I’ve had with a delayed buyer.


@brendon_reimer Even if the delivery time was unlimited, I wouldn’t want it. I’m like fast food, I want to get an order, deliver, and forget about it. I can’t imagine those sellers that service a client for a whole month. That would drive me crazy. An example of that would be “I will manage your Facebook page for a month.” Imagine having to refund an order after a whole month of doing that?

@uxreview Limiting orders can be based on the maximum you can handle. For example, if you can’t deal with more than 5 orders per day, your maximum is 5 orders. What you do is calculate the time of your average order. So if it’s 1-hour, and you only want to do 2-orders a day, your maximum is 2. If it’s 15 minutes, then you can do four orders in 1 hour, or eight in 2 hours. So your maximum then would be 8, or to give yourself some wiggle room, 6.


I think limiting orders works great for gigs that take less time or where you can estimate your workload, but I didn’t find is useful myself. For example, I do projects that last a week and I’ve done projects that take an entire month. Every project is different and I can’t calculate the time without seeing buyer’s requirements.
I also book a lot of my orders months in advance. For example, today I had a client coming back to me that I booked already in October and I have some clients booked for January. They don’t order my gig, we simply agree on the timeframe and when the opening comes they reach out to me or I reach out to them.

That’s why it says on my gig that buyers should contact me first. So far only 1 client didn’t talk to me and the next day they cancelled because they changed their mind. My order completion dropped below 90%, but that’s fine. I won’t cut my orders to get it above 90% again.
It is what it is. At first I was upset, but I’m already slowly moving away from Fiverr so I’ll focus my energy somewhere else. Complaining won’t help anyway :slight_smile:


This is so sad. It may cause all the best sellers to respond this way.


I think Fiverr is a great place to get started, but I knew it from the beginning that I need a backup plan because eventually there will be changes that I might not like. Maybe it’s just me but I feel that I have less and less control as a seller. I prefer to pick my own clients, get a signed contract and follow my own rules :slight_smile:

Although I do like Fiverr as a buyer.


Some unfair buyers ask extra work or new work for free and threaten us to give negative review. They know that if they give a neative review, this will effect your listing and level. So in a long term your sales. This is not fair.


I’m new here… still learning how the website works. I hope I never have a costumer like this. :blush:


I’ve been warning about this for years. Fiverr has been changing too much, too fast, and not all these changes are positive.

In a way, it’s like Fiverr embraces Gig Neutrality, they want all sellers to behave the same way, any seller that doesn’t will be punished. Why else warn them about the 90% completion rate? Why set the standard at 4.8? These are metrics Fiverr pulled out of a hat. They do not account for individual talent and external circumstances.

The “free for all” Fiverr used to be back in the day was better.


It was wonderful, supportive to the max, and we knew they had our backs. Of course I didn’t earn what I’m earning now. Mark was always there for me. Those strange messages the site would show me sometimes were quirky and fun. It had a personal family feeling.