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Review from old client always on top?

Hi, Im new as fiverr seller, have experienced with review from client.
so, i have about 6 review from my client, all is good review with 5 stars.
but there is 1 review from my old client which is always in the top position than the reviews from my new client.
how could this happen? can we control the position of the reviews? or are there any arrangements for these things?

I think in the “relevant” sort the length of the review (number of characters) is one of the main things it takes into account (as well as date, and maybe the “useful” vote). After a while (eg. at least by a month) that will probably get moved down the list if you get more recent reviews. So it’s where it is mostly because it’s the longest quite recent review.

i think thats right :slight_smile:
just checked and it’s true that the reviews of him are the ones that use the most characters, thankyou :slight_smile:

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