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Review in case of automatic order completion

Hi there,
I’ve delivered my order within the time. There were 20 revisions included. But after the delivery the buyer isn’t replying. I know the order will be completed in 3 days automatically. Here is my question.

  1. Will I get any review if the order is marked completed automatically by Fiverr?

I think buyers do have 30 days (not sure) to leave a review.

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They have 10 days after completion now - it used to be 30 days as far as I know

Though that doesn’t mean that particular buyer will leave a review - it’s up to them…


I see. Because I remember the buyer leave me a review after he back on vacation. after 25 days I guess


Don’t ask your buyer to leave a review, you will end up with a warning or account ban.

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In that will the the image(delivery ) be added to on my Gig Thumbnails?

I think it changed to 10 days after completion around the time of the blind review system being added around September-October 2018 so I assume that buyer left the review on or before that time if it was 25 days after completion.

See A Commitment to Community: Updates to Our Product
and Gig feedback and reviews

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Yes, you’re right, thank you. It’s been a long time. Unfortunately, i don’t remember the exact date

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when your buyer leaves you feedback, he can simply turn on/off the gig thumbnail