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Review is still there

People told me if i canceled a order the negative review they left would be gone. Well i canceled the order and its still there. I contacted CS and they wouldn’t remove it even though the review was untrue. What do i do now? It brought my Overall rating from 99% to 97%

Cancelling orders will not delete the negative review. It is unfortunate that someone provided you with the wrong information, but it is a lesson learned.

Your gigs look awesome. I have no doubt that with a little extra elbow grease, you will easily be able to bring your rating back up!

All the best on your Fiverr journey!

Reply to @kjblynx: Sorry, a stupid question: if you cancel an order, and customer does nothing, is this going to count as an agreement on his part and a mutual cancellation?

Reply to @ezinearticles4u: No, the buyer will be refunded, but the negative feedback will stay.