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Review my first gig please


Hello guys

This my first gig I’m a logo and graphic designer. Please review my first gig as a logo designer. I will appreciate any feedback. and could anyone tell me how long does it take to get my first job?

My gig:

Thanks in advance



Hey there and welcome aboard!

A few pointers if you want to take them into consideration:

A) you seem to have copied a really successful gig’s main image. you know which one I’m talking about. it’s featured and has over 24.000 reviews. Copying someone’s idea is always a red flag for me personally when I am looking for creative services. What does that say about you and the logos you make?

B) your choice of color for the main image, literally hurts my eyes. bright red? are you a designer? have you studied or read about color theory? red flag #2.

c) If you are serious about your gig, have someone proofread your main description. it’s riddled with mistakes.

re: how long it takes to get an order
creating a gig does not guarantee any amount of orders. your gig is probably already buried by at least two dozen new “logo design” gigs since you created it. It’s a really competitive category, so you need to work hard on your stuff if you need to pull in a first order.


Thanks a lot, frank I know exactly what are you talking about I made that because someone told me to copy someone’s idea to get your first job quickly but actually I convinced of your opinion. So I have changed it.
Can you check my Gig now and tell me If you found any mistake?