Review my Fiverr Profile


Kindly review it now …


In your article writing gig, you’ve got artical in one of the packages.

I think @lastay might be a teeny bit annoyed that you’ve copied her gig description…

Always better to write your own, particularly if you’re offering writing services. It’s a good way to showcase your skills. :wink:


I’m a little peeved at you. Posting a link (kinda like a drive-by post) and demanding people to review your Fiverr profile. What happened to the word, please? The least you could’ve done was add a little more info to compel people to review your gig.


There are grammar errors everywhere. You’re missing a few articles (a part of speech) in your descriptions.

You might want to sign up to Grammarly.


I decided to drive by!


Thank you so much to all of you for pointing out my mistakes. I am really thankful …


You should also format your gig descriptions. They’ll look more professional. Sometimes you leave three spaces underneath an element, sometimes no spaces.