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Review my gig and give feedback please!

My gig recently got pretty popular, for me at least got like 8 orders in a span of 1.5 months. I always had an order to work on but orders and people messaging me for a quote dropped. My impressions decreased a bit but still higher than times when I got orders. Why does this happen? Should I be worried? I got bombarded with orders maybe that’s the reason why I’m a bit worried. Anyways thanks for any help.


MOD EDIT: Stop posting your gig on other people’s threads. That’s spamming.

Your gig is looking great. But please work on quality services. Your rating is low according to my point of view


It looks okay. Maybe the rating and last review might have lowered orders for a while. You could still send offers to relevant buyer requests you can do to help with orders.

It does contain a URL that isn’t in the list of approved URLs.