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Review my Gig Description for improving selling


hello friend, I am registered in fiverr already 1 year, but has not received the order. to other seller i want you review my gig description. if there was something wrong please tell me. because, I still do not understand how to work in fiverr.



I am new here please suggest me how can improve my sell

It doesn’t quite work like that :slight_smile:
If you wish to make sales then you really need to improve your gigs first.

  • Ask someone to review your gig’s description and profile info.
  • Showcase your own work. For example, vintage logos that you are offering are most likely designed by Scott Byrne. If you are allowed to resell those with modifications then be honest about it.


Yes I totally agree with the uxreview. The option of favorite is for buyers who wish to place order on your gig in the future. And a buyer only favorite your gig if he/she is impressed with your work and your service. Because it indicates the potential clients for your service. Therefore you should work on your service description, Images and videos on the service and make them appealing for buyers. This will be the first requisite to have sales on your service. Otherwise a seller making favorite the gig of another seller will not result in any good sales


ok brother, thanks for you information. maybe i must edit this topic. and ask to other seller to review my gig description. :smiley:


i dont know how to promote my gig. i just try suggest from my friend. after i read comment from uxreview, its reasonable. and i try to change my topic to other seller help review on my gig.


If you’ve been on fiverr for a year and had no orders then it is time to worry. I have had a look at your profile page and it needs some attention. There are a couple of spelling mistakes on there and the part where you put your languages, skills, etc needs to have more information. I’m assuming that basic English isn’t your only language, for instance.


yes sir, i am bad in english… and then, what should i do?


Please visit my profile
and give me some suggestion
thank you


I’m Agree with homeestates :slight_smile: it is time to worry Here are few notes to improve your profile and also improve your gig description

  1. Put ur Real profile Picture don’t use graphic image like the one u put

  2. Make ur profile attractive to human eye i’ve see ur profile Description it has lots of spell mistake make it correct
    3 ) Delete ur old gigs now and create new gigs everyday and don,t be silly if you really want to make money and working as a freelancer then work hard because hard work is always pays off :slight_smile:
    4 ) when you creating ur gig don,t do just quickly like u quickly create title tags, description etc, and at the end result is no got sale, im recommend u to when u create ur gig first research about what u offering in market at least at least check 50 gigs in recommended section and average customer review after that think out side the box for example if you,re buyer and u looking for video intro for ur business u look at fiverr market u check every gig i u need 1 intro with 1280 PX X 724 PX with source file and Blah blah blah :slight_smile: i don,t want to confuse I’m just trying to tell you just make your gig diss clean and simple just say what u offering and what u provide in ur basic, delivery and create video for every gig it will boost traffic of ur gig 220%

  3. send daily buyer request make proposal and modified as per buyer needs

I hope you will understand this 5 notes :slight_smile: and im 100% sure if you do this 5 things you will definitely getting orders on fiverr :slight_smile:

happy earning :slight_smile:


helpfully information… thank you so much… :smiley:


HI. friends
I’m a new seller to fiverr. but i has not received a order. can you help to improve me.