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Review My Gig (out of 10) and give me suggestions

What you think about this gig and what is your first impression after seeing it please inform me it will help me to improve my gig, Feel free to reply don’t hesitate IThis text will be blurred don’t mind anything :slight_smile:

Also, You Can Rate My Gig here in the following pole

Rate My Gig here and give me suggestions in reply section
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Installing a wordpress and its theme isn’t something overly too complicated, especially when cPanels introduce auto-installer script solution from Softaculous.
Perhaps try to narrow down your niche to something more unique, unusual, specific?
In terms of how well written your gig is… One thing that makes me go sus… You begin a description with “I” but later you continue as “We”. Was this intentional?


WE (means ME+CLIENT) I will change it now and thank you so much sir I really appreciate you for your precious time in checking my gig

Why does the description say “FOR NOTES, READ FAQs”? There’s no FAQ questions in the gig.