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Review My Gig Please?

Hey everyone! So I’m really close to reaching Level 2 as a seller/transcriber but unfortunately I’ve hit a little bit of a roadblock with the orders. The first month, I got orders or messages inquiring about orders every day but now it’s way more off and on and I’m starting to wonder if maybe my gig needs some improvement? I did go away for a few days (vacation) and now that I’ve come back I’ve only worked on maybe 3 or 4 orders. I just wanted to get your feedback on my gig so I can see what I can improve on! So, what do you think? I only have one gig active right now so that’s the one. Thanks in advance!

I’m not an expert by any means, but since you asked for help I’ll tell you a couple of things I thought of.

  1. You only have one example for your gig (the college lecture), which might seem too specific, like you only transcribe college lectures or something.

  2. In regards to your gig picture, I think it’s better to have a picture that illustrates your gig or is a picture of yourself. I think the text/clip-art style pictures almost look like the seller is a professional company or something, and I personally don’t like that.

  3. Your turn-around time is seven days, which is pretty high, I think. I’m a transcriptionist too and mine is two days for files upto half an hour.

  4. The fact that you have to be messaged first might turn off people looking for instant gratification.

    I think your gig looks pretty good so I had to look hard for those things and they’re just suggestions. You have great reviews so that’s a huge plus! Good luck!

Reply to @emilyrose93: Thanks for the suggestions! Yeah I had a high “Days on Average” because I was getting too many 1-hour orders all at the same time a few weeks ago and I didn’t want the countdown to run out on them all at the same time, but I made it shorter now! I’ll look into changing my picture too, I mean I was thinking of uploading a video soon I just have to figure out how/what to put in the video :slight_smile:

Fiverr gives most new sellers a good bit of initial exposure usually putting you in a high ranking area if you’re in the right category. Eventually they drop you down and cycle you around. Try adding a video to your gig(it really does help with ranking), and see what other keywords potential competitors might be using to give you some further ideas. :slight_smile:

honestly i would change your profile picture into a more attractive girl with sex appeal because lots of guys like to order from HOT chicks and sex sells.

Reply to @lacraiger: I’m assuming like you did? Thanks but no thanks, I personally like buying from sellers who either have pictures of themselves or logos or something. Seeing another seller who uses a google image picture of a “hot girl with sex appeal” is actually one of the biggest reasons I won’t buy from a seller. To me, if they are being dishonest about their profile picture I don’t really want to trust them with my business. Plus it just comes off as skeevy and unprofessional. Besides, I’m a transcriber so I don’t think I really need to use “sex appeal” to sell my service.

@rnuyen You rock! I consider those sellers who use celebrity photos - whether actors or models - no better than under-rock slime. Before anyone does business with them, they put up a completely fake presentation…oh, and by the way, after talking with someone involved in show business, and doing my own research, I discovered it’s ILLEGAL! Granted, the likelihood of being caught is very small, but who wants to do business with someone who breaks laws so casually? IMHO, you don’t have to show yourself, but your profile photo should be completely your own. I don’t use my own photo because I like having my work represent me, but I recognize that not everyone agrees. And that’s okay. At least I don’t have a photo I stole off the internet. And frankly, if you look at all the TRS’s here, they use either personal photos, or graphics that they obviously created themselves. Their own work.

And what a sexist thing to say! People like @lacraiger need to come to the 21st century. We’re waiting for her. (or him).

Reply to @celticmoon: Haha exactly! Yeah I completely understand people who are uncomfortable using their own pictures so I get using pictures/logos to represent your business but using random images of models/actors and then pretending that it’s you? I remember the first time I realized that I bought a gig from a person who was using someone else’s instagram photo and I felt like they had already lied to me. I actually thought I read somewhere on Fiverr that you can only use photos that you have the rights to? I can’t seem to find it anywhere but wow I didn’t realize it was also illegal! You have a good point about TRS too, I’m sure since Fiverr hand-picks TRS they want to make sure the person they’re picking is actually who they say they are.

@rnuyen You make some great points~

Yes, I believe it’s in the TOS, about only using photos that you have rights to use. For celebrities, ALL kinds of celebrities, there is something called “right of publicity”, which I’m not going to go into boring detail about, but that means that even if you take the picture yourself, a celebrity has the right to a percentage of any money earned using that photo.

Do you think @lacraiger is actually an adolescent boy? The comment she/he made was so incredibly obtuse…I can’t imagine anyone with XX chromosomes saying something so vapid. It just sounded like the dumb, trollish sort of thing a kid would say behind the anonymity of the internet. ~lol~ I guess we’ll never know!