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Review my Gigs and suggest me changes

Hi, hope you all are fine

As I am new in fiver so please let me know if there is still changes needed to be made so that I can edit my gig accordingly.
Looking forward for the constructive suggestions from you guys.

Here is the link:


Interesting Gig!

I think starting at $5 for 1-Day Delivery is a mistake.

As a Buyer, it looks sort of scammy to me and makes me wonder what kind of quality I’ll receive.

Just bump it up to $10 and 2 days to fix that.

Increase your other two options in that Gig by $5 each.

I would also DELETE 100% Customer Satisfaction as you will NEVER be able to please every customer.

Plus, the mention of being online all the time adds to the scammy feel of the Gig.

Change those things and I think you’ll be fine.

Good luck.


Thanks for your time Sir.
I have little confusion on this thing.
I have kept this thing as 1 day and 5$ as majority of sellers in this niche is providing the same work at this price and duration…

I understand.

But as a Buyer, those factors would cause me to skip over your Gig for someone who looks a little more professional in their presentation.

That would include pricing and delivery time.

One day delivery is a red flag to many Buyers.

As is a Gig priced at just $5.

But you did ask for feedback.

It’s up to you what you do with it.


I will definitely look into it.