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Review my profile and gigs


I need help getting sales on fiverr. I would like to know how to make my profile and gigs more attractive. Reviewing would really help.


Dear Anita:

Search “blond” via the forum to understand why many Buyers may doubt you appear in your profile image…

I took a quick look at your profile:

Your profile image: You look amazing!
Your log line: This is a slogan that appears below your user name. You don’t have one. “Nigerian-born American with a rage for learning” could work.
Your profile text – note the edits:

I’m a Nigerian-born American with a rage for learning. At school, I strive to the best of my abilities, constantly turning in homework and tasks before the due date. I look forward to earning my associate’s degree in high school and aspire to be a United States Marine. -Anita Olaosebikan

Okay, all due respect, talking about yourself in the third person is weird. Trust Blaise Faint on this. Blaise Faint knows!

Also, while you’re an interesting person and all, I suggest you re-craft this with an emphasis on what your particular skills are, how they benefit the Buyer, and the fact that you are here to help the Buyer. Others may disagree…

All your gigs should have video, 3 images, 2 pdfs, and so on…
The images you’ve chosen seem to be stock images, and the apparent Twitter handle that appears in the second one may violate the Fiverr Terms of Service. I strongly suggest you use your own original photos and get in the habit of obscuring details such as the one I just mentioned.

Make a video of yourself talking to the camera, because this approach garners IMMEDIATE RESULTS. Include additional samples in the video!

Assuming you appear in your profile image, you are an excellent candidate for “holding a sign” gigs and spokesmodeling gigs. Look into that…

I took a look at your “natural hair article” gig. I admit I’m not an expert on natural hair. It seems to me that if you can write about natural hair, you can write about a much broader range of topics, even if you limit yourself to fashion. You must know something I don’t, but I think you’d be wise to open this up.

SCRATCH UNLIMITED REVISIONS IMMEDIATELY! You are setting yourself up for heartbreak and bad reviews from unreasonable Buyers. I suggest you go with 1 - 3 - 5 and add a gig extra for additional revisions.

Hopefully, in general, you will revise your gig packages as you gain feedback from your Buyers.

Be sure to CLICK for the TOP SECRET TIPS AND TRICKS below. Should take you a minimum of 4 weeks to work your way through them all.

Your gig description is fairly barebones. You might consider hiring a copy writer to make this more compelling and to gain insight into Fiverr from a Buyer’s point of view…

You can also add 2 @3-page pdfs to your Live Portfolio. I recommend you add writing samples here to show that you can write.

Good luck,

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Never Contact a Seller on Fiverr to Ask for FREE STUFF!]
Be sure to make use of Tools like the Fiverr Blog, Fiverr Academy, and Fiverrcast.

If you take the time to earn your Autobiographer Badge, particularly adding a link to your Fiverr profile, other forum participants will be able to easily view your information.

As a general rule, when I have time to participate in the Fiverr Forum and I notice a request like yours in the “Improve My Gig” section, I am willing and able to look at a Seller’s Profile and one gig one time.

I can give you a better level of assistance if you first work your way through the checklist below. That way, I won’t waste your one turn by advising you to follow items on the checklist.