Review my profile?


Greetings buyers and sellers.

I am somewhat new to Fiverr and was wondering if I could receive some feedback on my profile? I think I have good reviews, great gigs with eye catching images, and a nice avatar, but I just wanted outside opinions. Let me know what you think (respectfully please)? If you have any advice also, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much.


why did you pick that specific avatar?
what about your username?


I picked my avatar because it’s a nice picture of myself and my username because gabrielleseunagal was too long so I had to go with gabbyseunagal


Great gigs, but you should also make a $5 gig till you earned level 1 batch for getting more reviews.


Thanks. I considered that, but I think $5 is low given my talent and the earnings I’ve made from my current gigs…but thank you for your feedback. :slight_smile:


You can increase price after getting level 1 trust :slight_smile:


I look at it this way, if I’m already getting orders with $15 and $20 gigs, why would I lower my price to $5? :slight_smile:


That’s great :slight_smile: You’re going well.