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Review New Update Coming

I’m in trouble with fiverr review. A few days back I received a bad review, but till now I have received around Seven 5 star reviews so no reviews are changing. Looks like a new update is coming?

If by “a few days back,” you mean about a month ago, then sure! Also, I don’t get the part where you say “no reviews are changing.” What do you mean by this?

Yes, there is a new update that’s coming. However, this update has nothing to do with bad/good reviews or how these reviews affect sellers. They are only making changes to the way in which buyers and sellers leave reviews/ratings.

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Why not change my review. I have already received 7 reviews with 5 stars but my Gig or Total review not changing brother!

I still don’t understand. If I am looking at the correct profile, I can see that you have a total of 42 reviews. Even if we were to consider the last 2 months, you have received MORE than seven 5-star reviews (and eight 5-star reviews in the last 1 month). Where did you get that number seven from?

Besides, I think there is some kinda bug where the number of reviews doesn’t increase even after receiving a new review. Several other sellers have posted messages on the forum about this very same bug.

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