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Review Not Showing on my Gig

I have completed my first job and my client gave me review but the review is not showing on my gig moreover, I’m not able to give review to the buyer also.
Please help me as I’m new to Fiverr and can not understand what’s wrong with my Gig.

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Hey, Bro! It looks you lost the chance to give review to buyer. Because, seller give review when he delivering order. You lost the way.

Was it a recent delivery?
Cause as your profile say your last delivery was 11 days ago!

Before giving the or receiving review your Recent delivery should update…

Yes it was recent.
I waited foe days thinking that it would update or something but it didn’t happen

I didn’t get any notification to review my buyer…

Maybe you lost the chance…

Welcome Fiverr. Best wishes for you :grinning: