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Review Not showing

I received seven orders this month, and I got 5 out of 5-star reviews in 5 orders out of them. So far, my profile has shown my reviews. But as of today, these reviews are no longer showing on my profile.
I don’t understand what the problem is.
Can anyone help me why these reviews are not showing my profile?


When it doesn’t show any reviews when you view your profile, refresh the page (F5) and it will probably show them then (if you have some).

Also you shouldn’t show the names of your buyers in the screenshot above as that is private info.

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Ok . I am sorry I don’t know that to showing info of buyer
But I refresh more then 10 time but it still not showing my reviews

I looked at your profile and it’s showing all 4 of your reviews when I view it.

You could try the “Preview Public” option if it isn’t showing them to you when logged in (but mine show mine when logged in currently even when I don’t select that). Maybe it’s a browser thing. Try Chrome if you’re logged in and if you’re not using it already.

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I couldn’t explain it to you.
I mean I had a total of 6 reviews.
But now my 4 reviews are showing the rest are not showing.
Why not show.

Do you have a screenshot of somewhere where 6 reviews showed?
Your “manage sales” screenshot is only showing 4 reviews/ratings.

But if you are sure there used to be more you could ask CS. Maybe CS might have removed some. But it only shows the same 4 reviews that it shows on your “manage sales” screenshot.

Right. You shouldn’t show the names of your buyers in the screenshot above as that is personal info.follow the tips above

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All the clients that I have not shown reviews to, I click on their name and go to see their profile, but it automatically redirected to my profile. Does this mean they have deactivated their ID, or is it for some other Issue?

They can’t show all the reviews in one single page. They shows only a few reviews. But don’t worry about it.