Review of my profile



I am pretty new to the site (about 2 months) and have made $800. I was just wondering if more seasoned people on Fiverr could review my profile and gigs and tell me what I can improve.



Maybe you could give me some tips on how you made $800 in two months? :dizzy_face: That’s awesome! :heart_eyes:



This does not belong in Tips category. I moved it to “Improve My Gigs.”

Now that it’s in the correct category, you may want to add a link to the gig you need help on.


@jverny1 that’s awesome. Literally joined today and have no idea how to use this? How do I sell via the app and its only giving me the option to buy. :s


please check out the Fiverr Academy and the Terms of Service to learn about the platform


@uncarved ok perfect, thanks.